Azerbaijani oncologist got the international award for the best scientific article


The fight against cancer requires a special approach to the health care system, and its treatment requires special attention and care of doctors. Methods used in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases are constantly being improved. In this regard, the unity of medicine and technology opens up new opportunities for doctors in the field of diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

One of the international events that allows the exchange of scientific knowledge achieved in medicine in the fight against cancer, demonstrates modern technologies, and at the same time allows the exchange of views with experts from several leading medical institutions of the world, is an international conference held annually by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). The event with the participation of not only doctors, but also pharmacists, technologists and physicists creates conditions for the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge and modern innovations in medicine.

As AZERTAJ was informed by the press service of the National Center of Oncology, at the conference of the society, held this year in Anaheim, California, USA, our country was represented by a delegation of four people led by Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the National Center of Oncology, doctor of philosophy Fuad Novruzov.

In the opening ceremony of the conference with the participation of thousands of representatives from more than 100 countries of the world, Satmoshi Minoshima, Head of SNMMI, Professor of the University of Utah, President of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging of the United States. Speakers from the chairman of the organizing committee of the conference, Professor of the Massachusetts Hospital, Professor Umar Mahmoud and others spoke about the significance of the event.

For the presentation, SNMMI accepted one of the three scientific articles on the molecular diagnosis and treatment of breast, prostate cancer and brain tumors in the form of a report, and the others in the form of a thesis. The article on the positron emission tomography of breast cancer was presented in the form of the thesis. The article on the production and definition of radiopharmaceutical medicinal drug Ac225-PSMA, used in the prostate cancer radionuclide treatment only in our country in the CIS and region, was presented in the form of thesis.

Dr. Fuad Novruzov’s, PhD article on the early diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer, was given as a presentation and awarded the Best International Scientific Article Award.

The next conference of the Society is planned to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, from June 13 to 16, next year.