The mission of the International Relations Department of the National Centre of Oncology (NCO) is to support the leadership of the center, its physicians and researchers in their work in prevention and effective cancer  treatment in Azerbaijan Republic. The support is realised through dedicated programs of affiliation and bilateral partnerships with leading regional and global cancer organizations, universities and research institutions. 

  The International Relations Department coordinates events such as, trainings, public awareness campaigns and conferences organized by the National Oncology Centre. Our department also assists doctors in establishing links with international institutions in order to organise their participation in trainings and conferences, as well as attract specialists from overseas  for mutual educational and research activities.

  Moreover, the Department works to empower NOC and its staff to actively participate and be involved in local and international research programs and clinical trials. The studies are related to molecular and genetic aspects of oncological diseases, as well as diagnostics and treatment of various cancers.

  International Relations Department also supports and coordinates the work of Azerbaijan National Cancer Registry and National Childhood Cancer Sub-Registry, which are the members of International Cancer Registry Associations.

Our contacts:
Azerbaijan, Baku,H.Zardabi str.,79B
tel: +99 412 5370811 ext 3135