Department of Epidemiology and Statistics of Malignant Tumors

The Department functions as the scientific and methodical center and  the coordination of oncological services in Azerbaijan.It contacts with oncological institutions in Republic,implements the preventive and methodical works at the appropriate level. It also provides centralized record of oncological patients and conducts correct and detailed  record of interdistrict dispensaries and  oncology rooms.The Department has a unique medical archive where medical files of patients are saved. The researchers of department provide medical files and statistics of morbidity and mortality from malignant tumors in regions and Republic.
Main research directions of the department are connected with the development of scientific basis of anti-cancer treatment and rational preventive.Furthermore,the department is engaged with earlier detection of cancer  and precancerous diseases and effective methods of examination are used.
On the basis of department, 6 PhD thesis and doctoral dissertation and over 100 scientific papers on the epidemiology of cancer of the female genital organs, breast, skin, larynx, esophagus, stomach, etc. were published.