Scientific-practical seminar on “Innovations in the treatment of malignant tumors: Multidisciplinary Approach”


On March 30, 2014, scientific-practical seminar devoted to “Innovations in the treatment of malignant tumors: multidisciplinary approach” was held in the conference hall of  the National Center of Oncology of the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Seminar was opened with foreword of the General Director of the National Center of Onchology, academician J.A.Aliyev, who welcoming participants and foreign experts thanked them for their participation in seminar. He emphasized the importance of such seminars in Azerbaijan in terms of practical skills of our specialists in the treatment of cancer.Then, experts acted with reports on program : Dr.Gerald Schmid-Bindert (“Individual theraphy in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer”); Prof. Christian Fink (“Imaging of lung cancer”); Dr.Vugar Yagublu (“Our successful experience in liver laser application”); Dr. Wolfgang Wild, Dr. Fabian  Barbann (“ Our experiment on HIPEC-preoperative hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for the treatment of Peritoneal dissemination”); Dr.Röderich Bonnigoff,Dr. Richard Magdeburg (“Special surgical interventions in tumor diseases”); Dr.Thomas Hansler,Dr.Pol Afalter (“ Diagnostics and treatment of GIST- computed tomography and MRT”).Seminar passed at a high scientific level and specialists were given numerous questions.