Huseynova Rufa Abdulla gızı
  • 17.09.1948
  • 1965-1971 Pediatric faculty, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku,Azerbaijan
  • 1971-1973 ordinate in No 8 United Children’s Hospital
  • 1973 course of doctors’ improvement for parasitology, Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev
  • 1979-1983 postgraduate in specialty of “oncology” –Oncological Scientific Center of USSR Academy of Medical Sciences
Scientific activity
    • In 1985 defended PhD. Thesis on theme of  “Effect of selenium-containing compounds on peroxidation of lipid in the liver of animals with induced hepatocarcinogenesis and growth of transplantable tumors” in Institute of Oncology Problems named after R.E.Kavetsky in Kiev.More than 100 scientific works were published.
    • The 4 of them are certificates of authorship in invention and 4 rational proposals.1 invention “Se-5 fluorouracil-new drug for anti-tumor activity”. In 1987  was awarded with a title of associate professor in “oncology” with decision of SAC of USSR. On June 16,2011 was awarded with the “Medal of Progress” of  the Azerbaijan Republic for her contribution to the development of  Health in Azerbaijan by the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Work activities
  • 1973-1975 Huseynova R.A. worked (as a doctor-ordinator) in No 3 maternity hospital.
  • 1975 was appointed a junior research worker at the Institute of Physiology named after A.I.Karaeva AS of Azerbaijan.
  • 1985 through the contest,was elected a senior research worker at laboratory of experimental therapy RROSRI of the Ministry of Health of Azerbijan SSR.
  • 1988 was appointed a scientific secretary of the National Center of Oncology.
  • Since 1993 to present is scientific secretary of Dissertation Council for Defence of Candidate and Doctoral theses in specialty of “oncology” and “radiation diagnostics and therapy”
Language skills
  • Turkish language
  • Russian language
  • French language