About National Center of Oncology

In the late 30s-early 40s of the XX century, it became clear once again that one of interfering causes in development of oncology in Azerbaijan is the non-existence of specialized scientific-medical institution dealing with problems of malignant tumors. In this regard, according to the resolution of People’s Commissariat for Health and the Council of People’s Commissars of the Azerbaijan Republic from December 10, 1940 of No 2928, Scientific-Research Institute of Roentgen-Radiology of Azerbaijan Republic (SRIRR) should be organized.

Across the main role in the development of roentgen-radiology service in Azerbaijan,     SRIRR actually implemented  activity of oncology as a science in Republic. The main directions of scientific research conducted in Institute were the study of issues of epidemiology of malignant tumors and working out the effective combined and complex treatment methods of cancer in the country.

In 1995, the leadership of Institute was entrusted to well-known surgeon professor M.M. Alikishibayov. On his initiative, new scientific-clinical and experimental departments were established.

In relation to prodigiously increasing of unceasingly conducting scientific-research works,in July 1963 with the order of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan USSR ,  the name of SRIRR  was changed to Scientific-Research Institute of Roentgenology, Radiology and Oncology (SRIRRO).In 1964  in connection with completion of  construction  of being placed  new buildings,  all departments of Institution  created suitable condition for  qualitative clinical activity of Institution and to carry out scientific research.

In Institute, increasing activity of the collective of high qualified doctors, biologists, and engineers gave it an opportunity to become one of the leading research institutions in Azerbaijan.The clinical and experimental base of Institute significantly became strong and rich. From the second half of 60s, conducting of scientific works with Moscow,Leningrad,Kiev and other oncological institutions were started.

From 1974 leadership of Institute was entrusted to well-known rontgenologist- real member of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences R.N.Rahimov. This period is characterized as a number of organizational structural changes which led to improve the quality of diagnostics and treatment of malignant tumors. Clinical base of Institute has increased more than two times within a few years. In 1980 the number of beds in the clinic of Institute reached to 300.All modern methods of treatment and diagnostics of malignant tumors are used in Institute .It is in earnest about application of these methods to interregional oncological dispensaries. Taking into account ever-increasing role of the Institute in the coordination of scientific and practical oncology, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan entrusted to the Institute  the function  of  leading scientific-research institute in study of cancer, so in February 1988, the Institute got name Republican Oncological Scientific Center (ROSC).

Since March 1990 till now, academician of RF AMS J.A.Aliyev was assigned director of the Center. Within the framework of Republic, Screening programs for the early diagnosis of breast cancer and lung cancer have been developed and implemented. It extremely reduced the behind time requests of the mentioned diseases.Also,including organ-preserving operations in breast cancer patients,complex treatment and rehabilitation methods have been developed.

Perspective research in the field of preparing new anti-tumor preparation was begun. For this purpose, new scientific-clinical departments which engaged in development of methods of cancer treatment with drug and vivary stitching were organized. Late 80s – early 90s coincided with a rapid increase of the influence of the Centre in the international scientific community and led to the expansion of scientific relations with states of former USSR and Europe and North America.

In October 1995 ROSC got name National Center of Oncology of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Over the past years broad scientific research have been conducted in the field of  the organization of structure of  Republican oncological service ,early diagnostics of malignant tumors and the development and improvement of cancer treatment with drugs by employees of the Center. Great achievements have been obtained in development of new methods of rehabilitation and treatment including organ-preserving operations of a number of localized tumors.

            Great scientific potential and modern material-technical base in  National Center of Oncology ensures the study of multidisciplinary scientific-research problems  not only in  oncology  also  in co-boundary sciences. NCO serves as the main center which engages in coordination of scientific-methodic and preventive measures rendering specialized oncological aid to Republic citizens. Information about diagnostics and treatment of  people suffering oncological diseases is given  here from Baku Oncology Dispensary named after  professor A.T.Abbasov, 7 interregional oncology dispensaries (Nakhchivan, Khankendi, Sumgayit, Shaki, Mingachevir, Shirvan, Lankaran) and oncological rooms up to 100.

Every year by employees of NCO, mobile sessions are held on improving of oncology care for population. In order  to conduct complex examination for organized and unorganized part of population, Mobile Diagnostic Center in  NCO was established. It is provided with modern medical techniques (Ultrasound, X-ray, endoscopy, clinical-biochemical and morphological laboratory )  and highly qualified doctors: mammologist, gynecologist, radiologist etc. They examined population in remote areas and if they detect tumor and tumor diseases at early examination, they recommend patients to be sent to the appropriate medical facilities for a more detailed examination.

The vast majority of leading specialists on specialties of clinical and experimental oncology, ray diagnostics and radiation therapy are concentrated in NCO.

During 70 years, a collection of 20 volumes of scientific works named “Topical issues of roentgenology, radiology and oncology” (until1991) and “Problems of oncology and medical radiology”(until 1994),more than10 collection of mono-thematic scientific articles and scientific conferences materials were published in NCO. Since 1995, “Azerbaijan Oncology and Hematology journal” which is well-known and widespread not only in Republic also in Russian and a number of CIS countries has been constituted and constantly published.

In the base of the center, postgraduate study functions. Since 1993 Dissertation Council for the Defense of PhD Thesis   on specialties of “oncology” and “ray diagnostics”, “radiation therapy” and with co-boundary specialties functions in the Center.

Training for specialized personnel is carried out via clinical residency for practical healthcare in Republic.Doctors who have decided to work in oncology, ray diagnostics and radiation therapy attend internship courses.

Majority of Azerbaijani specialists of NCO who have trained before and now continue close relationship with Oncological  Scientific Center named after N.N.Blokhin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.NCO keeps traditional scientific connection with oncologists of Caucasus countries,Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries.NCO specialists carry on  collaborative scientific works with employees  from Turkey,England, Germany, Switzerland, USA and other states.The close connection has been established between the Center and The World Health Organization (WHO) and other international organizations dealing with cancer problems.

On March 7 2012, the first Pediatric Oncology Clinic in the region was opened attached to National Center of Oncology.

Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, First Lady of Azerbaijan, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UNESCO and ISESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Jamil Aliyev General Director of National Center of Oncology have greatly contributed to the establishment of Pediatric Oncology Clinic.

Intended for surgical units, a new and modern building was built in area of the Center. The creation of strong material and technical base of the building allows the improvement of surgery in our country. Thanks to General Director of the Center, Academician Jamil Aliyev’s effort,  highly qualified oncologist-surgeons have been involved.  It was impossible to carry out surgical operations which were implemented in medical facilities in  Russia, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Italy, USA, and other countries.  For 5 years  New Surgery Building with modern equipment allows significantly increasing of surgical interventios. The corps was equipped with the most  modern medical equipments. Construction of new radiology corps has been completed.

In 2014 New Medical Treatment Building in National Center of Oncology was opened.  Departments of Endoscopy, Invasive diagnostics, Chemotherapy, Outpatient Chemotherapy, Oncohematology function in this building.

In 2014 Laboratory of Molecular Oncology was organized  in National Center of Oncology of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic.

In 2014, a cooperation agreement was signed between National Center of Oncology of Azerbaijan Republic and “Varian Medical Systems” company of USA designing and manufacturing the most advanced technologies for radiation treatment for cancer. The agreement conforms the acceptance of providing oncologic patients with high level of care in National Center of Oncology by other leading clinics in the world. The agreement as well as will provide to facilitate further expansion of cooperation with partners, to deliver the most modern technologies to Azerbaijan  in a shorter time, exchange of views with foreign specialists.

On November 5, 2014 the most advanced universal system “TrueBeam™ STx” for radiation therapy   has been installed at National Center of Oncology. It should be noted that “TrueBeam™ STx” system made in USA is the most advanced universal system for radiation therapy of malignant tumors. The system makes possible to carry out malignant tumors treatment with using all advanced methods – 2D,3D teletherapy, IMRT, rapidarc, strereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy. Using this equipment managed with digital system, it makes possible to treat tumors even in 3 mm.

On January 19 2015, cooperation agreement between  National Center of Oncology of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic and  Orfit Industries of Belgium was signed. Orfit industries is a leading  organization of equipments for designing and producing in radiation therapy. With this agreement, National Center of Oncology is given the status of international education and testing center. The signed  agreement once again approves the acceptance of the high health  care to oncological patients  in National Center of Oncology  by other world- leading clinics.

 Today, the National Center of Oncology is great leading specialized scientific-research institution that having a clinic base of 650 beds, dealing with issues of etiopathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of malignant tumors.